Sunday, January 27, 2008

First Post least here :P

alrighty.... first post here... like... EVER.

and as my first post I shall tell all those who shall read this that today was highly uneventful thus far, except for when I fell down the stairs- don't worry, it was only 4 – 5 steps or so; other than my injured left hand, I'm good. [:

Hmm this post is oddly short... I SHALL LIST THE PLACES I WISH TO VISIT!!!

Japan: The hot springs
Australia: The Great Barrier Reef ...did I spell that wrong?? Oh well
England: Tea
Texas: family... and three year promise thingy? lol
New York: Other side of the US + snow!!!! homg
San Francisco: Hills

...i guess I can add on to this later. [:

Final Tid-bits:
mishy words used in this post: homg =holly/hey oh my gawsh

mishy's outfit[s] of the day: blk red n white heart decorated PJ pants WITH POCKETSSSSS, long sleeve Tee WITH SKULLSSSSS, n holey slippers. [Undergarments not to be mentioned]

mishy's weather: it was cold n raining today... the garden flooded inch... in some places :] it was pretty cool.

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