Monday, January 18, 2010

I thought this was nice, so i shall copy it here for you (:

Rose (red) - Love ; I love you

Rose (white) - Eternal Love; innocence; heavenly; secrecy and silence

Rose (pink) - Perfect happiness; please believe me

Rose (yellow) - Friendship; jealousy; try to care

Rose (black) - Death

Rose (red and white) - Together; unity

Rose (thornless) - Love at first sight

Rose (single, full bloom) - I love you; I still love you

Rose bud - Beauty and youth; a heart innocent of love

Rose bud (red) - Pure and lovely

Rose bud (white) - Girlhood

Rosebud (moss) - Confessions of love

Roses (bouquet of full bloom) - Gratitude

Roses (garland or crown of) - Beware of virtue; reward of merit; crown ; symbol of superior merit

Roses (musk cluster) - Charming

Rose (tea) - I'll always remember

Rose (cabbage) - Ambassador of love

Rose (Christmas) - Tranquilize my anxiety; anxiety

Rose (damask) - Brilliant complexion

Rose (dark crimson) - Mourning

Rose (hibiscus) - Delicate beauty

Rose leaf - You may hope

Rosemary - Remembrance; commitment; fidelity

Rudbeckia - Justice

Rue - Disdain

A SINGLE ROSE IN ANY COLOR-indicates simplicity and gratitude

2 ROSES- mutual feelings

3 ROSES- I love you

7 ROSES- I'm infatuated with you

9 ROSES- We'll be together forever

10 ROSES- You are perfect

11 ROSES- You are My Treasured One

12 ROSES- Be mine!

13 ROSES- Friends forever

15 ROSES- I'm truly sorry

20 ROSES- I'm truly sincere towards you

21 ROSES- I'm dedicated to you

24 ROSES- Forever yours

25 ROSES- Congratulations

36 ROSES- Remembering our romantic times

40 ROSES- My genuine love for you

50 ROSES- Unconditional love

99 ROSES- I will love you all the days of my life

101 ROSES- I'm completely devoted to you

108 ROSES- Will you marry me?

999 ROSES- I love you till the end of time

Monday, August 31, 2009

the girl, the kros, and the fail

First, I want to make it clear that this post was not initiated by yours truly. It was actually forced upon me. Now, with that in mind… I shall tell the story of the girl and the croquettes.

It started when she was watching a Jdrama, I’ve forgotten which one, and she ... ah, I remembered-“something no monogakudlsfh shd gd” with Sho and Nino from Arashi in it. In any case, the drama made croquettes, which will now be called kro [cuz I’m not motivated enough to type the q], look really appetizing. From there the girl Googled the recipe, wrote it down, and … that’s just about it for a week or so.

AND THEN!!! [you gasp!] her mother bought potatoes! [potatoes are important in making kros] So the girl asked if she could perhaps use four of those cute little veggies. She was given a yes and from there… nothing.

Few more days, girl’s family was at a loss as to what to eat for lunch. BUT FRET NOT! Girl said, “let’s get Lee’s and then go to Ranch99(where I can then buy panko).” The parents agreed and they set forth. SADLY girl bought stupid ugly panko that is, in fact, NOT panko. Rather than bread crumbs[that’s what panko is] she got bread bits! Tiny bread bits the size of grains of pepper! [slight exaggeration] This is foreshadow of FAIL #1.

She then peeled potatoes, fingers safe, and chopped them, still safe, and put em in a pot of water to boil. UNFORTUNATELY!!! Girl started watching another Jdrama… her potatoes were too mushy! D: [foreshadow of FAIL #2] she mashed them anyways though, how diligent you were “girl”! I’m so proud of you.

Next came the “sauté”ing of chopped onion with ground pork [girl was supposed to use beef… but she had none] FAIL FORESHADOW #3!!! Anywho, the “sauté” ended without injury. [yay] and then girl had to mix meat and mashed potatoes. This was easy.

BUT THEN! Forming the mix into ovals was horrible! The potatoes, too mushy, flopped and stuck together! FAIL FACT #4 fail ovals were then dipped? Into flour, egg, fail panko in that order. BUT THEY STILL STUCK TO EACH OTHER ND FLOPPED!!! D:

But girl did not give up! NO! She got the pan and the oil. She heated the oil! She got chopsticks! [fail #...5?] and she tried to fry them like eggrolls [fail #6] and splashed hot oil on her leg… and on her mom >_>

REGARDLESS!! Girl kept on trying! …. SUCCESS DID NOT COME HOWEVER!!! Mushy ovals were broken by chopsticks and frying many mushy ovals resulted in many many MANY broken mushy odd shaped things… BUT girl made four okay looking kros! Yay for learning from mistakes!

And that is the story of the girl and the kros. As ugly as they were… the kros were still yummy (:

[this entry is dedicated to big bro]

Sunday, January 11, 2009

HOMG an update!?!?!

Well, I was planning to recap everything that has happened since my last post but i thoguht to myself: "Hey, that's a really long time... and not many people are reading this blog anywho, PLUS you have homework to do and tests to study for.... there's DEFFINITELY no time to recap since your last post." and after i head THAT hwo could I NOT not recap? And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm lazy or tired. -yawn-

Okay, let's see... Monday was dandy n fun... not really? First day back from break should be fun n all cuz u get to see your best buds, right? WRONG! Why? Because you could have always pulled out your handy dandy facebook and looked at their pictures! AND! who would want to get out of bed when it's all cloudy, dark, and cold? It's so depressing! WHERE IS THE MID-DAY SUN!?!? Not to mention, when you get to class you find out that your penmanship is like crap. My notes sadden me ]:

Tuesday: time to have the second english proj mtg. YAY! I think we met for a long while but didn't get much done... lot's of wonderful brainstorming/idea planting though, jst fo fruits of labor yet. On the brightside... we smashed glass >:] or was that Wednesday? nawnaw, it was Tuesday. I slept late that night.

Wednesay: Emgergency english mtg til early Thursday morning! WOOT! [yes I woot rather eat a crocodile than do work] I'm glad we actually got stuff done, I aslo got to try styrofoam popcorn! :D [texture, not taste >__>] OH! Wednesday was also the "first-time-ever-drinking-mango-juice-courtesy-of-Maria" day. It shall forever be etched into my memory until I get amnesia :D that and the AWESOME marshmallow conversation...I am not too keen on the exact words spoken, but i can recall that it was an epic conversation. I slept late this night, too.

Thursday: Today we present our BS english project YAY FOR LINE SKIPPING AND ADLIBING!!!!!! ^__^this day will be remembered as the "first-time-I-changed-clothes-in-class-full-of-people0" day. This will also be etched til amnesia hits. More late night sleeping.

Friday: Because we told Palmeri and the class that our presentation was TWO days worth o' info... friday became "pull-analysis-out-of-thin-air" day :D AS WELL AS "first-formal-ever" day. Formal was formal... too lazy to go indetail... BUT if you see "scandalous" pictures, it's Stina's fault, she made me think I was drunk :T Once again... late ngiht sleeping.

Saturday: MARIA @ 18!!!! THE most hard to find place i can remember going to... but OH so purdy~ @__@ Program was fun, food was yummy, dancing was awkward :\ but I had fun. After the debut i tagged along with Amanda, Cindy, and Marmar to Red Mango. very yummy yogurt. We all decided, frozen yogurt is not frozen yogurt without mochi :]

Sunday: Getting my contacts looked at. See... for a whole week now, I've been wearing a blurry contact in my left eye-which will explain if i started to wink weirdly for no reason >__> So though i still had fun at formal and MARIA @18, it would have been TWICE as fun had I been able to utilize BOTH my eyes to their full extent. But I digress. ANYWHO I went down to good ol' Lil'Saigon and had my eye looked at. The receptionist was all "Naw, nothing's wrong I ordered it like the doctor says"
Then I was all "But the slip says AX 15... this is AX 10...."
So she goes "They only make AX 10 and AX 20, no AX 15."
And my mom goes "But she says it's blurry, there must be something wrong."
And then the lady is all "They only make AX 10 and 20..."
Then we all look at her like she's crazy cuz it was, in fact, blurry.
So she went "I'll call the doctor, I don't know."
So I thought..."you're stupid... why didn't you just call her in the first place?!?!"
When the doctor came she was all like "can you put on the contacts for me?"
I put em on and then she tested me, it was blurry like hell.
She goes: "Try another one on, that one might be deformed"
I put another one on thinking, I did this already... the whole friggin box is gonna be blurry!!!
Then she tests me again, still blurry...suprise there.
She goes and looks through her papers... turns out it was suposed to be AX 150 and she wrote AX15.
Now they have to reorder n i get it free >:] SERVS EM RIGHT MAKING HALF MY WORLD BLURRY!!! GRAWR >:[

After that we got boba and went grocery shopping. When we got back to Cerritos i picked up mah pics and all that good stuff.

And THAT was how my week went. I'm really tired =__=

Friday, August 15, 2008

summer so far

summer ... thus far has consisted of cram studies for my sat ii subject tests and a last attempt at highering [yes, that is now a word... CUZ I SAID SO THAT'S WHY] my sat i score... yesh oh! and in july i went to the college prep/writing workshopt hingy that almost every senior [i''ve yet to adapt to the fact that we're senoirs now...] went/is going to this summer...good times... maria n i totally bonded after discussing why some bathrooms have both male n female depicted on the door... AND a cripple.. >.> mr.bent helped think of reasons too. it was fun [: few weeks after that i crammed my fanny off to finish my bio "fun pact" [i use the term sarcastically, cuz it was not fun... at all >.> ] yea... not fun... i got ppl to help me though :D nice ppl they are.. even if they live far far away n i never saw them in person... they're still nice... YAY for online friends!!! anywho.. on with my summer... today around 6ish pm my mommy n daddy [... it's more fun to call them mommy n daddy, I REFUSE TO AGE ANY QUICKER THAN I AM FORCED BY THE SCHOOL SYSTEM!! im not ready to be a senior... i still don't have my driver's permit T__T... which reminds me... all plans for being able to legally drive b4 i enter college...they have been thrown away into the throw away can of trash... TRASH!!!] crap... where was i? >.>

mommy n daddy are going to the airport to pick up my aunt n cousins frm TX yesh.. then imma spend the next week or so at the mall, on the ice rink, or at raging waters with them.. or at my grama [that's how i spell it] cuz that's where they're staying, my sunt n her three sons at is. idk they're ages... cuz i don't really care....... BUT! one's in undergraduate college, another is in graduate college... or watever it's called XD for dentistry or bussiness or something... and the eldest has an engineering job, yup. no details though :P

and yea that's my summer THUS far... i'll update u...maybe... when i feel like it [:

toodles :]

Monday, March 10, 2008


okay... so the weekly post thing was a massive failure...

on another note: i went to the sadies hawkins dance [entitled Club eXclusive] decorations were nice... refreshments cooling n refreshing... music not so good...

yet another note: today was warm


Friday, February 1, 2008

First day of Feb.

so final week is finally over.. YAY let's recap shall we?

MONDAY [skool 7-3]: dead day, hist class took 2nd half of finals, review for periods 2-6, took first half of AP English Lang.

TUESDAY[skool 8-12]: finals for math n japanese... did fairly well. wasn't stumped too often :]

WEDNESDAY[skool 8-12]: today was.... English[AP Lang] n Chemistry of Living Systems[CLS]
AP Lang was good... the first essay i wrote a page more than i had to.... but hte second was a paragraph short... oh well :P
CLS was dandy...sorta... hopefully i was lucky :]

THURSDAY[skool 8-10:30 cuz i left early >. >]: finals for art n teacher's aid period [TA]
Art was easy peasy, nice n breezy, n wat not.... had fun :]
TA ... jst checked in with the teacher n left. LOL it was fun walking to the parking lot when everyone else was takinga some serious final test... tehehehe
Went shopping after i left the parking lot. bought pair os jeans, n two blouses for myself. mom bought a sundress type thing. as for maddie... we got her: sweater, wife beater, polo, tunic length sundress thing, tube top, n sweat pants of UBER comfort.... spent a BIT much on maddie.... >. >

FRIDAY: no school... uh... it's only 12.52am so not much has happened yet... lol

Weather: cloudy...rained a bit... COLD
Dressed: ... lazily? wore more color than i'm used to wearing... lizzy seemed to be happy about it though...took a bunch of pics.... >.>

Sunday, January 27, 2008

First Post least here :P

alrighty.... first post here... like... EVER.

and as my first post I shall tell all those who shall read this that today was highly uneventful thus far, except for when I fell down the stairs- don't worry, it was only 4 – 5 steps or so; other than my injured left hand, I'm good. [:

Hmm this post is oddly short... I SHALL LIST THE PLACES I WISH TO VISIT!!!

Japan: The hot springs
Australia: The Great Barrier Reef ...did I spell that wrong?? Oh well
England: Tea
Texas: family... and three year promise thingy? lol
New York: Other side of the US + snow!!!! homg
San Francisco: Hills

...i guess I can add on to this later. [:

Final Tid-bits:
mishy words used in this post: homg =holly/hey oh my gawsh

mishy's outfit[s] of the day: blk red n white heart decorated PJ pants WITH POCKETSSSSS, long sleeve Tee WITH SKULLSSSSS, n holey slippers. [Undergarments not to be mentioned]

mishy's weather: it was cold n raining today... the garden flooded inch... in some places :] it was pretty cool.