Friday, February 1, 2008

First day of Feb.

so final week is finally over.. YAY let's recap shall we?

MONDAY [skool 7-3]: dead day, hist class took 2nd half of finals, review for periods 2-6, took first half of AP English Lang.

TUESDAY[skool 8-12]: finals for math n japanese... did fairly well. wasn't stumped too often :]

WEDNESDAY[skool 8-12]: today was.... English[AP Lang] n Chemistry of Living Systems[CLS]
AP Lang was good... the first essay i wrote a page more than i had to.... but hte second was a paragraph short... oh well :P
CLS was dandy...sorta... hopefully i was lucky :]

THURSDAY[skool 8-10:30 cuz i left early >. >]: finals for art n teacher's aid period [TA]
Art was easy peasy, nice n breezy, n wat not.... had fun :]
TA ... jst checked in with the teacher n left. LOL it was fun walking to the parking lot when everyone else was takinga some serious final test... tehehehe
Went shopping after i left the parking lot. bought pair os jeans, n two blouses for myself. mom bought a sundress type thing. as for maddie... we got her: sweater, wife beater, polo, tunic length sundress thing, tube top, n sweat pants of UBER comfort.... spent a BIT much on maddie.... >. >

FRIDAY: no school... uh... it's only 12.52am so not much has happened yet... lol

Weather: cloudy...rained a bit... COLD
Dressed: ... lazily? wore more color than i'm used to wearing... lizzy seemed to be happy about it though...took a bunch of pics.... >.>

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