Friday, August 15, 2008

summer so far

summer ... thus far has consisted of cram studies for my sat ii subject tests and a last attempt at highering [yes, that is now a word... CUZ I SAID SO THAT'S WHY] my sat i score... yesh oh! and in july i went to the college prep/writing workshopt hingy that almost every senior [i''ve yet to adapt to the fact that we're senoirs now...] went/is going to this summer...good times... maria n i totally bonded after discussing why some bathrooms have both male n female depicted on the door... AND a cripple.. >.> mr.bent helped think of reasons too. it was fun [: few weeks after that i crammed my fanny off to finish my bio "fun pact" [i use the term sarcastically, cuz it was not fun... at all >.> ] yea... not fun... i got ppl to help me though :D nice ppl they are.. even if they live far far away n i never saw them in person... they're still nice... YAY for online friends!!! anywho.. on with my summer... today around 6ish pm my mommy n daddy [... it's more fun to call them mommy n daddy, I REFUSE TO AGE ANY QUICKER THAN I AM FORCED BY THE SCHOOL SYSTEM!! im not ready to be a senior... i still don't have my driver's permit T__T... which reminds me... all plans for being able to legally drive b4 i enter college...they have been thrown away into the throw away can of trash... TRASH!!!] crap... where was i? >.>

mommy n daddy are going to the airport to pick up my aunt n cousins frm TX yesh.. then imma spend the next week or so at the mall, on the ice rink, or at raging waters with them.. or at my grama [that's how i spell it] cuz that's where they're staying, my sunt n her three sons at is. idk they're ages... cuz i don't really care....... BUT! one's in undergraduate college, another is in graduate college... or watever it's called XD for dentistry or bussiness or something... and the eldest has an engineering job, yup. no details though :P

and yea that's my summer THUS far... i'll update u...maybe... when i feel like it [:

toodles :]

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