Sunday, January 11, 2009

HOMG an update!?!?!

Well, I was planning to recap everything that has happened since my last post but i thoguht to myself: "Hey, that's a really long time... and not many people are reading this blog anywho, PLUS you have homework to do and tests to study for.... there's DEFFINITELY no time to recap since your last post." and after i head THAT hwo could I NOT not recap? And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm lazy or tired. -yawn-

Okay, let's see... Monday was dandy n fun... not really? First day back from break should be fun n all cuz u get to see your best buds, right? WRONG! Why? Because you could have always pulled out your handy dandy facebook and looked at their pictures! AND! who would want to get out of bed when it's all cloudy, dark, and cold? It's so depressing! WHERE IS THE MID-DAY SUN!?!? Not to mention, when you get to class you find out that your penmanship is like crap. My notes sadden me ]:

Tuesday: time to have the second english proj mtg. YAY! I think we met for a long while but didn't get much done... lot's of wonderful brainstorming/idea planting though, jst fo fruits of labor yet. On the brightside... we smashed glass >:] or was that Wednesday? nawnaw, it was Tuesday. I slept late that night.

Wednesay: Emgergency english mtg til early Thursday morning! WOOT! [yes I woot rather eat a crocodile than do work] I'm glad we actually got stuff done, I aslo got to try styrofoam popcorn! :D [texture, not taste >__>] OH! Wednesday was also the "first-time-ever-drinking-mango-juice-courtesy-of-Maria" day. It shall forever be etched into my memory until I get amnesia :D that and the AWESOME marshmallow conversation...I am not too keen on the exact words spoken, but i can recall that it was an epic conversation. I slept late this night, too.

Thursday: Today we present our BS english project YAY FOR LINE SKIPPING AND ADLIBING!!!!!! ^__^this day will be remembered as the "first-time-I-changed-clothes-in-class-full-of-people0" day. This will also be etched til amnesia hits. More late night sleeping.

Friday: Because we told Palmeri and the class that our presentation was TWO days worth o' info... friday became "pull-analysis-out-of-thin-air" day :D AS WELL AS "first-formal-ever" day. Formal was formal... too lazy to go indetail... BUT if you see "scandalous" pictures, it's Stina's fault, she made me think I was drunk :T Once again... late ngiht sleeping.

Saturday: MARIA @ 18!!!! THE most hard to find place i can remember going to... but OH so purdy~ @__@ Program was fun, food was yummy, dancing was awkward :\ but I had fun. After the debut i tagged along with Amanda, Cindy, and Marmar to Red Mango. very yummy yogurt. We all decided, frozen yogurt is not frozen yogurt without mochi :]

Sunday: Getting my contacts looked at. See... for a whole week now, I've been wearing a blurry contact in my left eye-which will explain if i started to wink weirdly for no reason >__> So though i still had fun at formal and MARIA @18, it would have been TWICE as fun had I been able to utilize BOTH my eyes to their full extent. But I digress. ANYWHO I went down to good ol' Lil'Saigon and had my eye looked at. The receptionist was all "Naw, nothing's wrong I ordered it like the doctor says"
Then I was all "But the slip says AX 15... this is AX 10...."
So she goes "They only make AX 10 and AX 20, no AX 15."
And my mom goes "But she says it's blurry, there must be something wrong."
And then the lady is all "They only make AX 10 and 20..."
Then we all look at her like she's crazy cuz it was, in fact, blurry.
So she went "I'll call the doctor, I don't know."
So I thought..."you're stupid... why didn't you just call her in the first place?!?!"
When the doctor came she was all like "can you put on the contacts for me?"
I put em on and then she tested me, it was blurry like hell.
She goes: "Try another one on, that one might be deformed"
I put another one on thinking, I did this already... the whole friggin box is gonna be blurry!!!
Then she tests me again, still blurry...suprise there.
She goes and looks through her papers... turns out it was suposed to be AX 150 and she wrote AX15.
Now they have to reorder n i get it free >:] SERVS EM RIGHT MAKING HALF MY WORLD BLURRY!!! GRAWR >:[

After that we got boba and went grocery shopping. When we got back to Cerritos i picked up mah pics and all that good stuff.

And THAT was how my week went. I'm really tired =__=


Anonymous said...


looks like you're blogs alive (x


<3 long time since sefuri.

- seiiz.

Marina said...

i'm still sad i didn't go to formal :(

not really.