Monday, August 31, 2009

the girl, the kros, and the fail

First, I want to make it clear that this post was not initiated by yours truly. It was actually forced upon me. Now, with that in mind… I shall tell the story of the girl and the croquettes.

It started when she was watching a Jdrama, I’ve forgotten which one, and she ... ah, I remembered-“something no monogakudlsfh shd gd” with Sho and Nino from Arashi in it. In any case, the drama made croquettes, which will now be called kro [cuz I’m not motivated enough to type the q], look really appetizing. From there the girl Googled the recipe, wrote it down, and … that’s just about it for a week or so.

AND THEN!!! [you gasp!] her mother bought potatoes! [potatoes are important in making kros] So the girl asked if she could perhaps use four of those cute little veggies. She was given a yes and from there… nothing.

Few more days, girl’s family was at a loss as to what to eat for lunch. BUT FRET NOT! Girl said, “let’s get Lee’s and then go to Ranch99(where I can then buy panko).” The parents agreed and they set forth. SADLY girl bought stupid ugly panko that is, in fact, NOT panko. Rather than bread crumbs[that’s what panko is] she got bread bits! Tiny bread bits the size of grains of pepper! [slight exaggeration] This is foreshadow of FAIL #1.

She then peeled potatoes, fingers safe, and chopped them, still safe, and put em in a pot of water to boil. UNFORTUNATELY!!! Girl started watching another Jdrama… her potatoes were too mushy! D: [foreshadow of FAIL #2] she mashed them anyways though, how diligent you were “girl”! I’m so proud of you.

Next came the “sauté”ing of chopped onion with ground pork [girl was supposed to use beef… but she had none] FAIL FORESHADOW #3!!! Anywho, the “sauté” ended without injury. [yay] and then girl had to mix meat and mashed potatoes. This was easy.

BUT THEN! Forming the mix into ovals was horrible! The potatoes, too mushy, flopped and stuck together! FAIL FACT #4 fail ovals were then dipped? Into flour, egg, fail panko in that order. BUT THEY STILL STUCK TO EACH OTHER ND FLOPPED!!! D:

But girl did not give up! NO! She got the pan and the oil. She heated the oil! She got chopsticks! [fail #...5?] and she tried to fry them like eggrolls [fail #6] and splashed hot oil on her leg… and on her mom >_>

REGARDLESS!! Girl kept on trying! …. SUCCESS DID NOT COME HOWEVER!!! Mushy ovals were broken by chopsticks and frying many mushy ovals resulted in many many MANY broken mushy odd shaped things… BUT girl made four okay looking kros! Yay for learning from mistakes!

And that is the story of the girl and the kros. As ugly as they were… the kros were still yummy (:

[this entry is dedicated to big bro]

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I thought it was gonna be about crochet or something... oh well! Yay for cooking!